Beginner Extreme Teen Karate Classes Enrolling In June

Scottsdale Karate for EXTREME Teens!

In today's society, teenagers are surrounded by negativity. From what they watch on TV, to the peer pressures at school it's all around them!

At Legacy Martial Arts of Scottsdale, we work hard to steer your teen away from negativity by offering a program that is full of encouragement and positive reinforcement!

Jam-Packed with Energy and Excitement!

With Scottsdale Karate your son or daughter will enjoy an exciting, hi-energy program carefully designed to build strength, stamina and endurance, as well as develop important life skills. They'll learn a mixture of virtually every style of Martial Arts, and will perform a variety of jumps, rolls and kicks.

It's a fusion of Kung Fu, Kenpo Karate, Sport Karate, Tae Kwon Do all blended together with high-flying acrobatics, gymnastics and the hottest Hong Kong movie action tricks. It combines the styles and philosophies of several athletic and artistic disciplines. PLUS, some of the moves inspired by the late great Bruce Lee, Chinese acrobats and the Cirque Du Soleil.

Healthier, Happier and More Confident Teens With Scottsdale Karate!

Teens who participate in this revolutionary art benefit greatly from the mental and physical training that comes with learning these high-flying techniques during Scottsdale Karate. Landing your first 540 kicks is like a skater landing his first kick flip, or a gymnast landing their first back flip. These are little victories that inspire a teen to train harder and to challenge themselves to learn even more difficult techniques.

Our dojo focuses on many traditional martial arts philosophies like honor, integrity, teamwork and respect, which helps teens to become more assertive and less aggressive. They may be trained to defend themselves, but they are taught to diffuse a situation or prevent bullying with a good attitude, strong body language and verbal defense too. Fighting is considered the last resort.

Give your Teen a Kick in the RIGHT Direction!

If your teen wants to develop more confidence, interact with their peers in a positive and safe environment, and burn the opportunity to compete in national competitions, become part of a martial arts demonstration team, or become mentors to others that want to learn the way of the modern martial artist, find out more about Scottsdale Karate!

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