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If you’ve been searching for an ENERGY-PACKED Karate Kids program with age-applicable martial art and self-defense training, Legacy Martial Arts of Scottsdale DELIVERS!

At Scottsdale Karate, your child will enjoy a dynamic combination of Kenpo Karate, self-defense techniques, and character-building lessons to gain the skills and confidence to protect themselves, as well as the mindset to overcome any challenges life throws at them.

Here, kids are encouraged to stretch their limits and pursue their dreams in a secure, family-friendly environment with caring and dedicated role models.

  • Boost Physical Fitness - your child will improve their cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, balance, strength, and energy levels.
  • Enhanced Life Skills – your child will gain focus, discipline, self-control, patience, confidence, and courage. (Our goal is to reinforce what is already being taught in their home.)
  • Self-Defense Training - your child will learn to deal with conflicts, personal responsibility, and how to avoid troublesome situations.
  • Improved Behavior – your child will expand their attention span, learn to respect others, and develop more self-control.

  • Two DYNAMIC age-appropriate programs:

  • Dojo Dragons (ages 4 to 6)
  • Karate Kids (ages 7 to 12)

    We focus on quality instruction and personal attention at Scottsdale Karate

    When it comes to taking care of children, we run a clean, tight ship at Scottsdale Karate. We focus on traditional values and superior martial arts training that are taught in a fun yet structured way.

    As a result of Scottsdale Karate, your child will gain more self-discipline, learn to be polite and respectful, and have the ability to set and achieve goals in all areas of their life.

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