Most people sign up for martial arts for self defense, myself and my family included. I quickly realized there is much more to it, especially for kids. They learn how to set and achieve goals, along with valuable life skills, such as respect, honesty, and of course, self defense. Owner and chief instructor, Master C, is a gifted teacher and motivator, and remains one of my favorite people on this earth. Sign yourself and your kids up, you will be glad you did.

Mike Halland

Master C and his instructors are all top notch!  Master C and his family have created an exceptionally fun, positive, and energetic environment which builds confidence in our children with an equal focus on mental and physical strength.  My son and daughter love coming to Legacy and are incredibly motivated to improve themselves both inside and outside of the dojo as a result of coming here.

Thank you Master C and your wonderful instructors -  I wish I were a child in this program!

Matthew C.

My son has been going to Kenpo Martial Arts with Legacy and Master C for the past 9 years (he started when he was 5 years old). While my son is not always the perfect student, Master C has always been the perfect instructor. I have total faith in him. I know there are a lot of different options available when it comes to karate/martial arts ... I can 100% promise you that no instructor will earn your trust to the extent Master C will. 5 stars year after year after year ...

Gary Cubeta

Nothing compares to Master C and his team! My 8 year old has been there over a year and absolutely LOVES it. Its not just awesome karate. These kids are learning life lessons they will apply in all aspects of their life. They will be pushed mentally and physically but they will have tons of fun as well. Its the right amount of what you are looking for. We did our research of dojos out there and NOTHING compares to Legacy. If you are on the fence ask to come and observe a class. You will be impressed i guarantee it!

Adrian Donev

For the past few years my son has been practicing karate at Legacy Martial Arts, I have been amazed by the hard work, discipline and integrity he is achieving. Master C is a truly gifted instructor who keeps incredible control of the class while ensuring participants are working hard and having fun. He has created an awesome community where regardless of belt level, students are welcoming and encouraging of one another. He has a lengthy collection of dialogue and quotes that inspire positivity and perseverance. Positivity so contagious that I find myself repeating these things to myself and I am not his student. If you are looking for a place where they reinforce all the good stuff we are trying to reach our kids at home, THIS.IS.IT. Master C and team are the most positive role models I’ve come across in several years of various team and individual sports. I am so glad we found them. Legacy Rocks!

Ronnee Levin

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